Exposition et concours à Saint Petersburg/ Russie

 Un concours international et une exposition certainement exceptionnelle - avis aux feutrières voyageuse et aventurier....

The Fifth International Exhibition of artistic felt and textile art

"New Life of the Traditions"

26/10/2013 – 03/11/2013
St. Petersburg (Russia)

will be on view in the theater and exhibition center (600m2) of Bolshoi Gostiny Dvor, in the heart of St. Petersburg, on Nevsky Prospect, 35.

This time self designed clothes, jewelry, interior items and felted toys will  form the centerpiece of this exhibition. Theme for inspiration of the exhibition: Earth - smaller than it seems. We are all different, but we have so much  in common. Our planet,  so vulnerable and delicate,  needs to be protected.

Special attention will be paid to the clothing collections in ethnic style, or inspired by any of the world cultures, as well as clothing collections created in the techniques of eco-print and eco-fur.

The opening of the exhibition will begin with a presentation of the felt collections by leading designers from Russia, America, Italy, Finland and the Baltic countries and the award winners in the following competitive categories:

1.  The best Debut

2. The best textured felts (the best work with effect fibers, inclusions, artifacts)

3. The most eco-friendly fur 

4. The best work in the technique eco-print  (dyeing with natural pigments)

5. Color therapy (the best work with color)

6. The best sculpture

7. Grand Prize Exhibition

The exhibition serves as a creative laboratory that unites artists working with felt, provides the opportunity to cooperate with like-minded people to learn and share new experiences. During the exhibition educational forum with master classes from famous artists is planned to be held.

For participants will be organized dedicated to the felt excursions to the Ethnographic Museum and the Hermitage.

Contacts:   Founder Natalia Shmakova

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